Help with installing

To install the game, go to the downloads page and pick which version you want. They go in the opposite of chronological order, meaning the oldest version's the top one. Under the verson, click the link to install. If the link if defunct or the download doesn't work, it should get replaced soon as I check on the status of my sites pretty often.

Help with playing the game

To play the game, you must have JVM, or Java Runtime. Click here to download it. When that installs, go to the directory in which your downloaded game is and run the Java executable, or .jar file. If it doesn't work you may need to install a different/newer version based on your OS.

Legal stuff

This site in NO way is associated with Mojang. The games here are made by Mojang, not by me. The reason I made this site is not to pirate but to help people who want to get the game but don't want to pay play the game, except older versions of it. Once again, I do NOT want to pirate games. If you have an issue please report it on Neocities.